Jul 16 2014

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Pills for Severe Pain

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There are many ways to combat severe pain, but the most effective method is prescription pain pills. Prescription pain pills are pills that are used to combat severe pain, which is a type of pain that usually arises out of a sports injury, car accidents, surgery, and health complications. Individuals who experience severe pain are often unable to partake in daily activities, they cannot sleep well, and the pain essentially consumes their life. If you experience severe pain, one thing you may be wondering is why your medical professional is prescribing you pain pills for severe pain. To help be informed, below is the answer to that question.

The Pain is Too Great

The main reason that a medical professional is going to prescribe you pain pills rather than allow you to use over-the-counter pain medication is that over-the-counter drugs are essentially ineffective in handling the type of pain you are suffering from. Prescription pain medication is designed to handle the severe type of pain that you are experiencing. These pills work by releasing pain medications that target the receptor cells in your body. Once reaching the receptor cells, the pain medication subdues the receptor cells and prevents the cells from distributing the compounds that are responsible for the pain you experience.

Long Lasting Relief


Another reason that your medical professional is going to issue you a prescription for pain pills is that these pills are great for long lasting relief. Unlike over-the-counter drugs that do not last very long, prescription painkillers are extremely effective at providing you with the long-lasting support that you need to be pain free. In addition, the long lasting support doesn’t begin hours after you take your pain pill. Pain pills are effective almost immediately, meaning that you can get the quick and targeted relief that you are looking for.

Best for You

Finally, at the of the day, your doctor is going to make decisions that are best for you and your health. Prescription pain pills are in your best interest because they allow you to take the time to heal, sleep well, and enjoy the important things in life. With prescription pain pills and under the management of your doctor, you can get the medical help that you need and the pain relief that you deserve so that you may life a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life as you heal.

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